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Age 30
Porn name(first pet + first street) Keisha Jollie
Song title that best describes you Growing Boy Needs His Lunch(Dead Kennedys)
Fave Simpons Character Hank Scorpio
Fave domestic beer Mac's Gold
Fave imported beer Hofbrau
Fave spirit/liquor Pimms
Fave current All Black forward Jerry Collins
Fave all-time All Black forward Josh Kronfeld
Fave current All Black back Tana Umaga
Fave all-time All Black back Jeff Wilson
Fave League team Bulldogs/Warriors
Fave all-time league player Andrew Ettingshausen
Fave current league player Robbie Paul/That fat red guy for the Middlesex Lions
Fave all-time NZ test cricketer Kenny Rutherford
Fave current NZ test cricketer Shane Bond
Fave all-time NZ ODI player Stu Gillespie
Fave current NZ ODI player Shane Bond
Fave all-time Southland rugby player Ben Herring/Jeff Wilson
Fave current Southland rugby player They all suck
Fave sporting moment Pirates U21 Southland championship win vs SBHS first XV
Fave movie Hated: The GG Allin Story
Fave movie character
Fave actor Tim Robbins
Fave actress Drew Barrymore
Fave director Jean-Pierre Jeunet/Marc Caro/Terry Gilliam
Worst movie
Worst actor
Worst actress
Worst performance by actor
Worst performance by actress
Fave TV show Simpsons/NFL Primetime
Fave 80s TV show Masters of the Universe
Fave 90s TV show Must've spent this decade drunk - can't remember any
Most hated TV show Friends
Fave childhood cartoon Masters of the Univers
Hottest cartoon chick This is a Peterman-only question I believe
Fave TV comedian Steve Coogan/Jerry Seinfeld
Fave book Still Life With Woodpecker/Ask The Dust/Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas/Confederacy of Dunces
Fave band Metallica
Fave NZ band Shihad
Fave album Master of Puppers
Fave NZ album Killjoy
Fave single Tall, tight skirt, loose morals...
Fave superhero Hunter S Thompson
Fave wrestler Outlaw Ron Bass (qouth D Franklin: "See! Now do you believe it's real")
Fave wrestling move King Kong Bundy splashing those midgets
Fave cheese Brie
Fave summer sport Touch/Tennis
Fave winter sport Rugby/NFL
Fave board game Risk
Fave meal Bison Burger
Fave fast food Kebabholic (Wgtn), Escape from New York Pizza (San Fran)
Fave carbonated soft drink I'd love an L & P after all these years