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Whos the hottest Olympian

The Big Picture      Amy_Acuff    The Big Picture     The Big Picture     The Big Picture

Amanda Beard-Swimmer(US)   Amy Acuff - High Jumper(US)   Hayley Cope - Swimmer(US)    Jenny Adams - Athlete(US)     Logan Tom - Volleyball(US)

                           British heptathlete Kelly Sotherton     Tatiana Grigorieva

 Ana Paula Connelly                        Franziska van Almsick        Carolina Kluft - Hep(SWE)         Kelly Sotherton - Hep(GB)          Tatiana Grigorieva - Polevault(AUS)  

- Volleyball(BRA)                              -Swimmer(GER)

leisel_jones.JPG              Kiwi rowers Georgina and Caroline Evers-Swindell proudly show their Olympic gold medals - ©FOTOPRESS/Phil Walter                  Marion Jones

Leisel Jones - Swimming(AUS)              Ever-Swindell twins - Rowing(NZ)              Sarah Ulmer - Cycling(NZ)     Lauren Jackson - Basketball(AUS)  Marion Jones - Athletics(US)

Jennie Finch      heathermitts.jpg (42937 bytes)        WagnerMarion.jpg (54791 bytes)                sabrinamockenhaupt.jpg (13947 bytes)            Kappler1.jpg (55366 bytes)         

Jennie Finch - Softball (US)    Heather Mitts - Soccer (US)   Marion Wagner - Athletics (GER)   Sabrina Mockenhaupt - Athletics (GER)   Bianca Kappler - Athletics (GER)

    Elisdottir3.jpg (81043 bytes)            amytaylor.jpg (31728 bytes)

Thorey Elisdottir - Athletics (ISL)        Amy Taylor - Soccer (USA)

Seems the NZLADS love the homecooked version rather than fancypants foreigners voting golden girl Sarah Ulmer as the hottest olympian. She was followed by US softballer Jennie Finch in 2nd and German swimmer Franziska van Almsick in 3rd. The Ever-Swindell sandwich came in 4th equal

Name Points
Sarah Ulmer 11
Jennie Finch 9
Franziska van Almsick 6
Ever-Swindells 5
Heather Mitts 5
Amanda Beard 4
Logan Tom 3
Carolina Kluft 3
Bianca Kappler 2
Tatiana Gregorieva 1
Kelly Sotherton 1
Hayley Cope 1
Leisel Jones 1
Ana-Paula Connelly 1