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Whos the hottest tennis player

dementieva.jpg (27069 bytes)dokic.jpg (54769 bytes)anna.jpg (28984 bytes)shar.jpg (42422 bytes)hantuchova.jpg (24319 bytes)

   Barbara Shett                Elena Dementieva                Jelena Dokic             Anna Kournakova            Maria Sharapova        Daniela Hantuchova

pierce.jpg (20962 bytes)davenport.jpg (17340 bytes)harkleroad.jpg (34224 bytes)olga.jpg (59886 bytes)webley-smith.jpg (29446 bytes)JENNIFER_CAPRIATI001.jpg (32675 bytes)

    Mary Pierce            Lindsay Davenport          Ashley Harkleroad         Olga Barabanschikova     Emily Webley-Smith             Jennifer Capriati


Select your top 3 from the pics or any other tennis player you feel should make the list

                  No 1. 

                  No 2. 

                  No 3.