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There are a number of rules which must be abided by to start and finish the annual Bathurst event.

These are:

1. Entry is by invitation of the host only. This year there will be an overseas venue as well as the traditional NZ venue. There is always a chance to gain an invite through gifts or flattery and toadying behaviour.

2. All competitors must be at the venue at the time nominated by the host (or have a extrordinary excuse). The penalty is at the discretion of the host.

3. All competitors must have a TAB ticket for their selected driver, and sufficient quantities of that years selected beverage for the entire race, to gain entry to the venue

4. Bathurst is competed by teams of two drivers. Previous Bathurst competitors have historical rights to drivers. These are: Grunza=Larry Perkins, Ronny=Mark Skaife, Peterman=Wayne Gardner, Nana=Glenn Seton, Richey=Garth Tander, Elton=Paul Radisich, Cookie=John Bowe, Reg=Marcus Ambrose, Truck=Greg Murphy, the Boy=Todd Kelly. Their team consists of their driver and whoever is that drivers teammate for this years race.

Any new competitors must select a driver that is not in any of the other competitors teams. There will be no repeat of last year where teams were shared

5. The Bathurst Originals take precedence over all other competitors. They have rights to the best seats, best food etc for they were there where it all began.

6. All competitors must follow any race instruction given during, or prior to the event

7. If your driver/team retires you have to consume a full vessel of your beverage.

8. There will be a skull given out at 20 lap intervals to the competitor whose team is running last (of those still running)