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Peter Brock

From the moment he could turn a steering wheel, Peter Geoffrey Brock was destined for stardom.

Renowned as one of the most gifted drivers of his generation, Brock carved out a career in Australian Touring Car Racing that is unlikely to be matched.

After cutting his teeth in a home built Austin Sports Sedan, Brock was offered a drive with the Holden Dealer Team in 1969 and the 24 year old made the most of a golden opportunity.

His success rate was astonishing.... Brock claimed his first Bathurst win in 1972 and went on to rack up a record total of nine wins for Holden at Mount Panorama and another nine victories in the Sandown 500 Endurance race.

His success in the Australian Touring Car Championship is equally impressive. In addition to his three national titles, Peter Brock still holds the record for the most starts, the most round wins, the most pole positions and the most podium finishes in championship history.

The name 'Brock' is as recognisable as Brabham or Bradman, a household name whose success and popularity with generation of fans makes him an Australian sporting icon.