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Articles:     John Mitchell            Captain in form slump?           Reuben Thornes World Cup effort


One disappointed fans view after All Blacks v Australia semi final ".....We looked like we
thought it would be handed to us on a plate. Where was the fire? The ripping
in to it? Fuck composure, try a little passion. We stood back, Australia
sensed it and took the game away from us. I hate to pin four good years of
my life to a throwaway line, but ***** was right all along. The Mitchell
plan to hand England the World Cup has worked a treat. I hope he feels good
now, the treasonous, treacherous snake-whore. Thorne will not be picked by
the next coach (there must be no question of Mitchell remaining in power).
As you so rightly point out, he was the worst player out there today, a
liability who cost us badly and whose try must not be allowed to overshadow
the ineptitude of his all-round play. A non-entity as a leader, he is too
slow, lacking in ball skills and even his ballyhooed defence is frail. He is
a journeyman who has rode the coattails of some good teams to earn higher
honours of which few have ever been less deserving. He offers nothing except
to the opposition game-planners, who eye his weaknesses and rub their hands
with glee as they design ruse after ruse to inevitably expose his failings
as the weakest link in the All Black chain. It's time to say goodbye to him.
Anyway, I must go now. To the toilet. To vomit black bile."