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Age 23
Porn name(first pet + first street) Floppy Actaeon
Fave Simpons Character Barney
Song title that best describes you
Fave domestic beer Speights
Fave imported beer Budweiser 
Fave spirit/liquor Jim Beam
Fave current All Black forward Jonno Gibbes
Fave all-time All Black forward Colin Meads
Fave current All Black back Dan Carter
Fave all-time All Black back Andrew Mehrtens
Fave League team Brisbane Broncos
Fave all-time league player Mal Meninga
Fave current league player Gorden Tallis
Fave all-time NZ test cricketer Chris Cairns
Fave current NZ test cricketer Chris Cairns
Fave all-time NZ ODI player Chris Cairns
Fave current NZ ODI player Chris Cairns
Fave all-time Southland rugby player Paul Henderson
Fave current Southland rugby player Clarke Dermody
Fave sporting moment Scoring first try for Waikiwi
Fave movie Welcome to the Jungle
Fave movie character Beck
Fave actor Sean William Scott
Fave actress Amber Reed
Fave director Peter Jackson
Worst movie How High
Worst actor Ice T
Worst actress Britney Spears
Worst performance by actor
Worst performance by actress
Fave TV show That 70's Show
Fave 80s TV show Fraggle Rock
Fave 90s TV show Friends
Most hated TV show Search for a Super Model
Fave childhood cartoon Batman
Hottest cartoon chick Poison Ivy
Fave TV comedian Sean Williams Scott
Fave book
Fave band Disturbed
Fave NZ band
Fave album
Fave NZ album
Fave single
Fave superhero Batman
Fave wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin
Fave wrestling move Ab Stretch
Fave cheese Cheddar
Fave summer sport Touch Rugby
Fave winter sport Rugby
Fave board game Cluedo
Fave meal Roast
Fave fast food KFC
Fave carbonated soft drink Coke & Rasberry