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Age 30
Porn name(first pet + first street)
Song title that best describes you
Fave Simpons Character Marge
Fave domestic beer I prefer a nice chardonnay
Fave imported beer If I have to then a Bud Lite
Fave spirit/liquor Midori
Fave current All Black forward Is Rueben Thorne current
Fave all-time All Black forward Rueben Thorne
Fave current All Black back Aaron Mauger
Fave all-time All Black back Terry Wright
Fave League team Brisbane
Fave all-time league player Wally Lewis
Fave current league player Brent Tate
Fave all-time NZ test cricketer Lee Germon
Fave current NZ test cricketer Lou Vincent
Fave all-time NZ ODI player Glenn TUrner
Fave current NZ ODI player Andre Adams
Fave all-time Southland rugby player Jeff - I played against him
Fave current Southland rugby player Jaydon Murch
Fave sporting moment Being beaten 128-0 by Jeff(Cargill)
Fave movie Pretty Woman
Fave movie character Jar Jar Binks
Fave actor Tom Cruise
Fave actress Julia Roberts
Fave director James Cameron
Worst movie The Lord of the Rings Trilogy - overrated
Worst actor Benecio Del Toro
Worst actress Natalie Portman
Worst performance by actor Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker
Worst performance by actress Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia
Fave TV show Big Brother
Fave 80s TV show Fame
Fave 90s TV show Full House
Most hated TV show Dr Who
Fave childhood cartoon Jem and the Holograms
Hottest cartoon chick
Fave TV comedian Ruby Wax
Fave book The Bible
Fave band Backstreet Boys
Fave NZ band True Bliss
Fave album Kylie Minogues Greatest Hits
Fave NZ album
Fave single
Fave superhero
Fave wrestler
Fave wrestling move
Fave cheese
Fave summer sport Croquet
Fave winter sport
Fave board game
Fave meal
Fave fast food Wendys
Fave carbonated soft drink Lemonade