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Age 29
Porn name(first pet + first street) Starsky Harvey
Fave Simpons Character Snake
Song title that best describes you Useful Idiot
Fave domestic beer Export Dry
Fave imported beer still sampling
Fave spirit/liquor Green Chartreuse
Fave current All Black forward Richie McCaw
Fave all-time All Black forward Josh Kronfeld
Fave current All Black back Sam Tuitupou
Fave all-time All Black back Frank Bunce
Fave League team North Sydney Bears
Fave all-time league player Greg Florimo
Fave current league player Dean Widders
Fave all-time NZ test cricketer Richard Hadless
Fave current NZ test cricketer Mark Richardson
Fave all-time NZ ODI player Stu Gillespie
Fave current NZ ODI player Shane Bond
Fave all-time Southland rugby player Ben Herring
Fave current Southland rugby player Jimmy Cowan
Fave sporting moment SBHS 3rd XV trumph over Kingswell 1st XV
Fave movie One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest
Fave movie character
Fave actor Benecio Del Toro
Fave actress Scarlett Johannsen
Fave director
Worst movie Con Air/Mission Impossible II
Worst actor John Travolta/Daniel Radcliffe
Worst actress
Worst performance by actor
Worst performance by actress
Fave TV show The Office
Fave 80s TV show Dukes Of Hazard
Fave 90s TV show Seinfeld
Most hated TV show Charmed
Fave childhood cartoon Fat Albert
Hottest cartoon chick
Fave TV comedian Jerry Seinfeld
Fave book One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest
Fave band Pearl Jam
Fave NZ band Head Like a Hole/Goodshirt
Fave album At the moment - Songs for the Deaf
Fave NZ album Good
Fave single
Fave superhero Ironfist
Fave wrestler Brutus 'The Barber' Beefcake
Fave wrestling move Small Package
Fave cheese Pepper Swirl
Fave summer sport Touch
Fave winter sport Rugby
Fave board game Risk
Fave meal Lonestar garlic bread, Seafood chowder from Ziffs, and a Steak from Mansfield House
Fave fast food Subway
Fave carbonated soft drink Coke